Your Most Common Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

Patients who want to use teeth whitening treatments to enhance their smiles often ask about various aspects of treatment, such as effectiveness, side effects and length of the treatment’s results. Below are some of the questions posed to us most frequently about the procedure:

How much brighter will my teeth look after teeth whitening? 

Your teeth can become up to ten shades whiter after using our professional teeth whitening systems.  We are happy to present before and after photos from previous patients to become more familiar with the enhancement possibilities.

What is the difference between at-home whitening and in-office whitening, and which one is better for me? 

The in-office treatments can be completed in a single appointment. The gums are coated with a protective gel, and then the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth. A special light may be used to activate the bleaching agent. With at-home systems, you will receive custom-designed trays and bleaching gels to wear for 30-60 minutes or longer each day. The at-home systems take longer to show results, but those results are more profound and the teeth will become whiter.

How long will my results last? 

Unfortunately, no teeth whitening treatments are permanent, but they can last up to years, especially when you follow the suggestions below to minimize future staining. If you want a whiter smile on an ongoing basis, follow up with touch-up treatments using custom-designed trays at home.

Can I avoid future discoloration of my teeth? 

Our teeth naturally become more yellow as we age, so it may not be possible to eliminate this problem entirely. If whitening gel is used, however, this effect can be minimized.

Will a standard teeth whitening treatment eliminate the stains on my teeth? 

It depends on the nature of those stains. Many stains will respond to the bleaching agents, but some deeper or darker stains may not drastically improve. In these cases, you may want to consider alternatives like restorations to improve your smile’s appearance. Of course, the bleaching agents do not work on veneers, fillings, etc., so you should plan your treatment timeline accordingly if you plan to combine those treatments.

Teeth whitening can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth, but it’s important for you to know what to expect from this procedure. We strongly encourage you to ask any questions you may have before you undergo the treatment. Contact Dr. Seal's office at 214.361.0883 to schedule a consultation. With over 25 years’ experience as a prosthodontist in North Dallas, Dr. Seal serves residents in the Highland Park and University Park areas, as well as the neighboring communities.